Ecotuned answers a few lingering questions about their Ford F-150 conversions

The short version

  •  InsideEVs did an initial story about Ecotuned’s conversion kits for Ford F-150 trucks.
  •  Some of the information provided by Ecotuned left questions about cost and performance.
  •  Ecotuned responded to InsideEVs with some explanations as to how they calculated cost savings, operating expenses, and other included figures.
  •  At this time, the trucks are still only being sold to fleet owners.

I’m glad that Ecotuned cleared up some figures with InsideEVs. It appears that the team over there got a little excited with the marketing talk and good journalism called them out. I’ve said it before, one of the things that will really set the EV world back is over hype. It’s a huge industry, and those who are leading it stand to make piles of money. But over-promising and under-deliveringis only going to taint reputations and fuel the fire of ICE die-hards. (pun fully intended.)


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