Does Ford have a solid Electric play?

Ford CEO Jim Hackett recently admitted that his company was late to the electric vehicle game. “We were late,” he said. “Now we think we’re going to be a leader in this.” Many people are wondering what exactly he means by this. Sure, there was a vague announcement that the F-150 might be going electric, but that also came after announcing a potential joint venture with VW…which also came after announcing an F-150 hybrid.

I’m wondering if Ford has a solid idea of how they want to enter the EV world. Seems to me like they are still taking a “wait and see” approach. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to Ford to reinvent itself, similar to how it did after the bailouts. But this timid, dip-our-toes-in-the-water style isn’t going to help anybody. It makes Ford look unsure of the future, and it makes buyers look elsewhere.


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