Daimler puts ICE development on ice.

Daimler puts ICE development on ice. 

The short version: 

  • Daimler development chief Markus Schaefer announced that Daimler’s primary focus will now be on electrification. 
  • That means the engines made for the E-Class, S-Class, and its SUVs, will likely be the last gas and diesel engines that the automaker will produce. 
  • Additionally, this means no more engine development for Freightliner. 

This is huge. Daimler includes Mercedes-Benz, Smart Automobile, Freightliner, as well as others. When they announce that they are pulling their R&D on all internal combustion engines and focusing solely on electrification, that sends a loud message to the rest of the industry. True, they will continue to sell ICE vehicles for many years, but the commitment to EVs sets a clear direction for the future of this company.

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