Curtiss Motorcycles teams up with Fast Radius to bring Zeus to the people

The short version:

  •  Curtiss Motorcycles and Fast Radius will team up to manufacture the Zeus 8.
  •  Fast Radius has produced more than 60 parts and components for the electric motorcycle.
  •  Curtiss will unveil the Zeus today at the Quail Motorsports Gathering.
  •  The first 100 units will be available to the public in 2020.
  •  According to Curtiss’ website, the bike will retail for $75,000.

I’m a big fan of art in the form of motorcycles, but the Zeus 8 doesn’t really do it for me. I’m glad Fast Radius will be helping with manufacturing, and I hope that Curtiss can continue to make bikes, but this doesn’t really feel like an advancement in electric motorcycles to me. 

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