Coke experiments with Einride on autonomous shipping.

Coke experiments with Einride on autonomous shipping.

The short version: 

  • Einride, a startup that specializes in autonomous robotic road-riding cargo pods, has signed Coca-Cola as a new partner. 
  • The pilot program will take place on Swedish roads around Jordbro. 
  • Coke is participating in this pilot program as part of its goal to continue to reduce emissions. 
  • Einride’s all-electric system could potentially cut CO2 output by as much as 90% compared to current in-use solutions. 
  • Einride hopes to be on the road as early as next year. 

This is how electric vehicles and autonomous are going to come together and revolutionize the commercial transportation industry. We may need human drivers for the last mile (or 20) but a huge part of the drive can be automated within a few years. Congrats to Sweeden for taking a step in the right direction. 


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