Chevy gets serious about the Bolt EV in California

Chevy gets serious about the Bolt EV in California

The short version:

  • GM has sent a bulletin to Bay Area Chevy dealers informing them that the 2020 Bolt EV will be eligible for over $10,000 in leasing incentives. 
  • That means a buyer could pay less than $200 a month for this electric vehicle. 
  • Details were limited on what specific criteria needed to be met in order to qualify for the incentives. 
  • That may make it easier for everybody else to negotiate a lower price on their Bolt. 

Way to go Chevy. Offering incentives like this could be huge for driving demand and adoption rates. It also says that Chevy knows they need to secure a larger piece of the compact electric vehicle market. Kia is coming on strong, as is VW. None of these can compete with Tesla on features and build quality, so they need to adjust the price. 

Here’s the key part; Chevy dealers need to advertise this. Incentives don’t do any good if people don’t know about them and historically dealerships have been dropping the ball in this area. If the dealers don’t make sure every compact and sub-compact customer knows about these incentives then shame on them.


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