Charging your EV in the UK just got a lot easier.

Charging your EV in the UK just got a lot easier. 

The short version: 

  • Nine electric car charging companies in the UK and Nordic countries have agreed to let drivers access their networks via a single subscription. 
  • The companies are Allego, EVBox, NewMotion, Charge4Europe, Chargemap, ChargePoint, Engenie, Franklin Energy, and Travelcard. 
  • Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion, commented: “This agreement is a big victory for current UK and Nordic EV drivers that will help stimulate EV growth in the regions. 

Steps like this are key in helping the electric vehicle industry mature. In the beginning, there is a boom of startups looking to become the leader. As the weak die off the remaining began to combine until 3 or 4 leaders emerge. Its good to see this happening in the UK where the EV charging experience could use a little lift. 


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