Canoo may have announced the most globular EV you can never buy.

Canoo may have announced the most globular EV you can never buy.

The short version:

  • Canoo, a California-based startup has unveiled its first electric vehicle.
  • This EV is a monthly subscription. You cannot purchase it.
  • The EV, which is called “canoo” will have a range of 250 miles.
  • Based on the design, the canoo is really focused on autonomy.
  • Production vehicles will be available in 2021.

I like the idea. This is basically a rolling living room where you and your family/friends can lounge about while your autonomous vehicle drives you around. Scratch that, not your vehicle. The vehicle to which you subscribe. I see two major problems with this. First, wow that vehicle is really not my style. The inside passenger cabin looks pretty great, but the outside…not so much for me.  Second, it’s about 15 years too early. Full autonomy is still a long way out, so in order to make the vehicle applicable today, they threw in what looks like a toy steering wheel and some pedals, kindof.  One day will you summon a transportation pod to take you around? Yes. And when that day comes it may look something like canoo, but that day isn’t anytime soon.


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