Can this Volcon put a death-grip on the electric power sports market?

Can this Volcon put a death-grip on the electric power sports market?

A few weeks ago I got an email from a company that I had never heard of. They were launching a campaign to seek private funding for a line of electric off-road vehicles. The name of the company: Volcon

Now anybody who has ever expressed any interest in electric vehicles online is bound to get a lot of notices like this. However, something about this email made me want to click around, and the more I clicked the more excited I got.Volcan is planning on releasing three vehicles. First is a utility motorcycle Volcon calls “Grunt” Next comes a two-seater side-by-side, “Stag”. After that is a four-seater side-by-side with a pretty respectable bed, “Beast”. All three of these have pretty respectable specs as far as range and acceleration but at this stage in the game, I don’t put a lot of weight into those. Not until there are production-ready samples. (I don’t mean prototypes for photoshoots, I mean ready-to-sell units.)

We’ve seen things like this before though, specifically from Nikola Motors. (We all know well how well that turned out.) But when I clicked on their utility motorcycle, that’s when I got excited. They are claiming that delivery will start by May 2021. That’s only five months away. The thing that gets me excited about that is that we’re not going to have to wait for a year and a half to figure out to find out if Volcon is the real deal or not. In five months we will know whether they missed their deadline or they delivered what looks to be a pretty fun little bike.If they are able to hit that deadline or come anywhere close to it then I would say things are looking good for their other vehicles Stag and Beast. Stag is supposed to be delivered in late 2021, and Beast in mid-2022. 

Additionally, the Grunt starts at $6000 which wouldn’t be considered cheap, but that’s within reach of a lot of people. Pricing for their other vehicles hasn’t been released yet but unless they’re considering offering Grunt as a doorbuster, I expect Stag to come in well below the $80,000 price tag of Nikola’s side-by-side.I’m definitely keeping an eye on Vulcan and I really hope this company can death grip its way into the electric power sports industry.


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