Can Electrify America turn from a rough past to a great future?

Can Electrify America turn from a rough past to a great future?

The short version: 

  • Tom Moloughney of InsideEVs recently met with top brass at Electrify America. 
  • He was able to ask them about their successes and woes. 
  • Why four manufacturers of charging units? 
  • What’s the deal with the credit card readers having so many issues? 
  • How are they able to grow so quickly? 

Tom Moloughney was given a fantastic opportunity and jumped on it. It’s easy to understand why so many people are hesitant to trust Electrify America, considering it was started as a punishment for VW cheating the emissions laws. That being said, the company seems to be ironing out the kinks in its system. The problem is that Electrify America is growing so quickly they can’t build a solid infrastructure to keep up. 

Personally I hope Electrify America succeeds. We need a solid charging network for electric vehicles in the US. Having one will help people who can’t charge at home feel more comfortable with the ranges that are currently available. The company may have a tough origin story, but many of the great ones do.


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