BYD hopes the Blade Battery will stop the company's bleeding in 2020.

Wang Chuanfu at the launch event

BYD hopes the Blade Battery will stop the company’s bleeding in 2020.

The short version:

  • BYD officially announced the launch of the Blade Battery, a development set to mitigate concerns about battery safety in electric vehicles. 
  • Due to its optimized battery pack structure, the space utilization of the battery pack is increased by over 50% compared to conventional lithium iron phosphate block batteries. 
  • While undergoing nail penetration tests, the Blade Battery emitted neither smoke nor fire after being penetrated. 
  • The Blade Battery also passed other extreme test conditions, such as being crushed, bent, being heated in a furnace to 300°C and overcharged by 260%. None of these resulted in a fire or explosion. 
  • BYD plans to put this battery in the Han EV,  which is set to release in June of this year. 

So here’s the deal…electric vehicles are already much safer than their ICE counterparts, but who can argue against more safety, especially if you can increase power density. If BYD, who has had a really rough year already, can bring this battery to market as advertised, then everybody wins. Not only will this be a big step forward for the EV industry, but the technology will spread into other industries as well. 


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