Breathing new life into a 2012 Nissan Leaf

The short version

Véhicules électriques Simon André, a shop in Quebec, is breathing new life into old Nissan Leafs. 

They find a new Leaf that has been totaled, but not had the battery damaged. 

Then they remove the battery pack from the totaled Leaf, and place it in the old one. 

They can do this because the bolt patterns are the same. 

With a few other computer modifications, 2012 Leafs are getting as much as 150 miles of range. 

The shop is also working on a kit that would allow people to do this on their own.

 Well done Véhicules électriques Simon André! I’m so many of these totaled out EVs the battery is just fine. Way to put them to good use. Although 150 miles isn’t fantastic, it’s a heck of a lot better than 80. 


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