BMW Trimming Lineup To Meet Demands Of EV And Autonomous Cars

Look up the array of cars and SUVs BMW is selling these days, and it will blow your mind if you are a BMW fan who has driven the same ride for the last 20 years and want to re-up.

It used to be the 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, the X5, a Z sports car, M Cars, and each had a handful of engine and body style derivatives. Today, the models are like balls in a McDonald’s ball-play room. The 2 Series, 4 Series, 6 Series, 8 Series, X1, x3, X6, X7, M cars, the i-Electrics, special edition models. It is complexity on wheels, and a bunch of these models just don’t sell.

BMW, though, is replacing its Chairman of the Board of Management Harald Krueger with Oliver Zipse, and when he sits in the chair come the middle of August, he’ll have the hedge trimmers out. According to Automobile Magazine, management is canceling the convertible version of the 2 Series, the standard-wheelbase 7 Series, the X2, the coupe and convertible variants of the 8 Series, and the next-generation Z4. That’s a start.

BMW is becoming more of a true sport-utility brand. BMW has reportedly, according to Automobile, an SUV X8 that will have a plug-in EV option with up to 60 miles of electric range. An X8 M is also in the pipeline, which of course would come with a serious performance package.

BMW is faced with enormous challenges, like other companies, even more so perhaps. The company has long been associated with a sporty driving experience–The Ultimate Driving Machine–and the coming world of electrification is not seen as glamorous and cool as the internal-combustion-engine (ICE) world of BMW’s engines and stiff chassis.

Of course, that is largely perception. While EVs are still hampered by range issues for most companies, EVs can go zero-to-sixty faster than ICE vehicles. BMW largely has the technology to make EVs every bit as fast and sporty as Tesla EV vehicles, but it must navigate the transformation in a way that does not put too much investment ahead of the consumer and the marketplace, while guarding quarterly profitability.

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