Best electric motorcycle of 2019 is a big Zero

Best electric motorcycle of 2019 is a big Zero

The short version:

  • has awarded their Best Electric Motorcycle of 2019 award to the Zero SR/F.
  • They awarded that based on the bike being a “no-excuses motorcycle”.
  • The fully-adjustable Showa suspension allows the rider to tune performance to their needs.
  • Zero Motorcycles has been the only electric motorcycle company for the past 10 years.

I couldn’t agree with more on this one. Zero has come a long way. Their first bikes were ugly, slow, and one click above a toy. But they also defined an industry. They’ve been here from the very start. (I’m sure somebody will comment that 13 years ago there was some small independent shop that made an electric motorcycle before Zero, but the point is that the rest of us have never heard of them.) The SR/F is a fantastic bike with a real-world range and plenty of speed for typical riding. Congrats Zero, you’ve earned it. 


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