Audi is getting after the EV industry like a hungry dog on a rump roast.

Audi is getting after the EV industry like a hungry dog on a rump roast. 

The short version: 

  • Audi plans on electrifying 30 models, by 2025. 20 of these models will be pure electric vehicles. 
  • The first wave is going to be PHEV versions in the A7, A8, Q5 and Q7 lines. Three of those will come out next year. 
  •  Ranges for these models has not been confirmed, but are expected to be 20-25 miles. 
  • No discussion about price at this time. 

It should be becoming more apparent to car manufacturers that thanks to Tesla, just electrification isn’t enough. People want an entirely different experience with their vehicles. From the buying process to the automation to the over-the-air updates, people are looking for a change. Any car that is at or above the $35,000 mark now needs to compete at that level. I’m glad that Audi is offering PHEV versions of a handful of its lineup, but I suspect this won’t be enough. People want radical change. Until these companies are willing to take a huge risk, sales will continue to be marginal. 


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