An FUV EV is coming ASAP.

An FUV EV is coming ASAP. 

The short version: 

  • Arcimoto has entered production mode on its three-wheeled electric “Fun Utility Vehicle” or FUV. 
  • The FUV will be hitting the streets in California, Oregon, and Washington. 
  • It will have a top speed of 75 mph and a city driving range of 102.5 miles. 
  • Retail price is $19,900. 

Hmmmm. I’m not so sure about the “fun” part of the FUV. Three-wheeled vehicles are a tough sell for anything more than super niche owners. From the pictures you sit pretty high, you aren’t enclosed, and it doesn’t have off-road tires. This seems to be a high-speed golf cart without the stability. If they find a market then good for them, but I won’t be holding my breath. 


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