An electric motorcycle brainstorm.

An electric motorcycle brainstorm.

The short version:

  • Electric motorcycles are great, but they do have some drawbacks including range and recharge time. 
  • Simon Hancocks of Visordown brainstorms on a few ideas to solve these problems. 
  • Exchangeable batteries provide an almost unlimited range with very short “recharge” times. 
  • Road-based inductive charging is also an option considered. 
  • Hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid motorcycles wrap up the article. 

Clearly Simon was following the theory that for a brainstorm, no idea is a bad idea. I’m not sure that a hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle would be considered a solution to decreasing recharging times for electric motorcycles. Here’s the thing. Recharge times are dropping, and power density is increasing. My guess is that in a few years we will all look back at these recharge times and wonder how we ever survived the hard years. 

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