A silver, or green, lining to the COVID-19 cloud.

A silver, or green, lining to the COVID-19 cloud.

The short version:

  • With much of the world under a government-enforced “shelter at home” order, global air quality has increased dramatically. 
  • This is due largely to fewer people driving less often. 
  • As more people see the pollution ICE vehicles cause, more people are willing to make the switch to electric vehicles. 
  • “45 percent of people surveyed by Venson confirmed that the radical improvement on air pollution across the globe as a result of the demobilization of transport, has made them reconsider their electric vehicle (EV) ownership plans.”

So here’s the deal…The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world in a really tough spot, there is no debating that. However, there are some good things that have, or will come from it. One of those things the blatantly visible difference in air quality from before to during. You don’t need equipment to measure it, all you have to do is look out your window toward your nearest city. The haze is almost gone. 

Although as a world community we won’t stay at this suppressed level of production and activity, we have seen what it could be like with lower carbon emissions. It would be fantastic if all of us used what we are observing to move up our personal EV adoption timeline, and it looks like at least 45% of us are.


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