14 new electric vehicles coming in 2020. Which are you most interested in?

14 new electric vehicles coming in 2020. Which are you most interested in?

The short version: 

  • 2020 is expected to be a huge year for electric vehicles. 
  • 14 new models are scheduled to hit the market before 2021. 
  • Range continues to increase and price continues to drop as we make advancements in technology. 
  • Some of the most anticipated models include Tesla’s Model Y, Volkswagen’s ID.Cross, Rivian’s RT1, and Ford’s Mustang Mach E. 
  • Other entries into the EV market include Aston Martin’s RapidE, Fisker’s eMotion, and Mercedes’ EQC. 

It’s going to be, or I should say it has the potential to be a really great year. Of all these electric vehicles, I’m most excited about the Rivian RT1. I’ve been waiting for an electric truck since Tesla announced the Roadster. Before the days of EVs you couldn’t imagine combining all the utility of a truck with the operating costs of a Geo Metro. I can hardly wait. 

Second on my list is the Model Y. 60 cubic feet of storage, room for 7 in a pinch, and it’s been spotted with a tow-hitch suggesting a towing capacity. That’s something that could fit 95% of my vehicle needs.

Which one are you most interested in?


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