Using yesterday’s tech to get twice the range.

Using yesterday's tech to get twice the range.


  • XNRGI out of Portland, Oregon says their was of producing batteries can solve the supply issue plaguing the industry.
  • Their secret? They aren’t using new tech. Instead, they are using techniques already successful in other industries.
  • Specifically, they are using a three-dimensional porous silicon wafer common in the semiconductor industry.
  • This strategy promises an anode with 70 times more surface area, and 10 times the energy density.
  • They also expect the batteries to last 3-5 times longer than Lithium-ion batteries, and recharge significantly faster.
  • XNRGI plans on having their batteries in products by 2020 to 2023
    Is this the break-through we’ve been waiting for? Perhaps. It makes sense that with as many people searching for the next evolution in battery tech that somebody found it. And the fact that it’s using a technique already developed in a different industry is icing on the cake. Let the testing begin!


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