Upcycle your EV battery to power a town.

Upcycle your EV battery to power a town. 

The short version: 

  • US The Department of Energy is trying to solve a coming problem; what to do with all those EV batteries when the EVs are done with them. 
  • It held a contest where participants came up with ideas for collecting the used batteries, extracting usable materials, or finding second-life uses for them. 
  • 15 contest winners received a total of $67,000. 
  • The next phase of the contest will be standardizing the process. The third stage will be scalability. 

Electric vehicles are better for the environment than their ICE counterparts, there is very little doubt about that. However, they are not zero impact. Nothing is zero impact. That’s how an ecosystem works. The goal is for our transportation to have less of an impact than it has now. The DOE, or some private companies, deffiently needs to start coming up with a system for processing these batteries. It seems like converting them to backup home power would be a great solution.


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