Turns out Nature's solar panels and human's solar panels like the same climate.

Turns out Nature’s solar panels and human’s solar panels like the same climate.

The short version:

  • Two recent papers published set out to discover where solar panels work best.
  • Contrary to most of our expectations, sun-scorched deserts aren’t the answer.
  • Solar panels also work best in regions with light wind and low humidity. Basically some of the best farm land out there.
  • The good news is solar panels seem to be good for crops.
  • According to the study, areas covered by the panels generated 90 percent more grass than before, using a fraction of the water.
  • Other studies are seeing similar results.

I’ll admit, I was in the sun-scorched desert camp. It seems like the solar story is just getting better and better. The same land can create energy and crops? Lets keep this going.


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