The UK may be backing off its electric scooter ban.

The UK may be backing off its electric scooter ban.

The short version:

  • The UK is considering making electric scooters legal again. 
  • Electrifying two-wheel mobility is one of three new areas of focus for urban transportation. 
  • Many feel it is time for the UK government to take a more active role in creating an environment where electric scooters are not only accepted, but desired. 

So here’s the deal…this is a tough situation and I can really see both sides of it. On the one hand, I believe the fewer rules the better. Every single product doesn’t need to be registered and regulated. However, electric scooters are getting faster and more popular. When it was a novelty to see one and they putted along at the same speed as a slightly-out-of-shape jogger, it wasn’t that big of a deal. Nowadays those babies are everywhere, and they can really move. It makes sense for there to be some regulation on either speed or where they can go. It also makes sense for the UK to get on this quickly. Electric scooters can and should play a major role in any large city’s plan for lowering its carbon footprint.


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