The UK has its best quarter since 1882.

The UK has its best quarter since 1882.

The short version: 

  • A new report shows for the first time since 1882 the UK generated more power from renewable energy then from fossil fuels. 
  • From July through September, UK renewables generated 29.5 TWh of electricity while fossil fuels generated 29.1 TWh. 
  • By comparison, in the third quarter of 2009, the country generated 60.4 TWh of electricity from fossil fuels and only 5.7 TWh from renewables. 
  • This is due to the increasing cost of coal, and the decreasing demand on the grid. 
  • There is one caveat: 12 percent of the energy produced came from burning biomass and wood pellets, which the UK considers renewable. 

What a great article. As more and more countries have quarters like that last one from the UK, the renewable energy tide will turn. Our site focuses primarily on solar power, but wind is also fantastic. Let’s be clear, there isn’t going to be a single solution to solve the world’s renewable energy needs. If you have steady winds and a lot of cloudy days, go with what works. 


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