Soon your city might have a solar-powered Hyperloop.

Soon your city might have a solar-powered Hyperloop.

The short version:

  • Chinese architects from the firm MAD, are collaborating with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to develop a solar-powered Hyperloop.
  • MAD says the tunnels will be fitted with “bendable solar panel skin modules” that will power the Hyperloop itself and interactive information boards.
  • Bladeless wind turbine forests will also be built along the Hyperloop system.
  • The designers haven’t yet revealed where the Hyperloop would be built.

At this point I give this about a 15% chance of happening, but it’s a cool idea. Let me say that differently. I believe there is a 100% chance that we will have some form of solar-powered mass-transit at some time in the future. This idea, however, is about 20 years out. Sure is fun to dream though.


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