Solar To The Heart Of Coal Counties

Solar To The Heart Of Coal Counties

The short version

  • Solar Workgroup wants to set up solar farms in the heart of seven coal counties
  • Their legislation passed two laws that says that energy companies Appalachian Power and Old Dominion Power must expand their net metering caps and Old Dominion Power must offer a community solar program
  • Solar Workgroup wants to install 10 MV, make 15 new full-time jobs, create new entrepreneurship jobs and small businesses, and install one school in each area.
  • They want to identify and develop sites that are ideal for solar development, especially solar “ambassador” projects, grow workforce development and entrepreneurship opportunities to advance solar projects and maximize local benefits, expand education and outreach in communities and with local leaders around solar benefits and opportunities, and promote policy changes that will help grow the solar industry in Southwest Virginia.

So here’s the deal……Solar Workgroup wants to put in 10 MV of solar panels in seven coal counties, make new jobs, and install a school per solar farm. That’s a really bold move for the company. I’m unaware of any other organization that is tying in schools to solar farms.

If Solar Workgroup can pull it off it would be great. I hope that this will make it so that the world will see the change SW is trying to push forward. Perhaps more people will see that the more they invest in solar, the more they diminish the world’s greenhouse footprint.


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