Scientists in Singapore can make electricity from the shadows.

Scientists in Singapore can make electricity from the shadows.

The short version:

  • Scientists in Singapore say they’ve created a device that allows electricity to be generated from shadows. 
  • During experiments, the shadow-effect energy generator (SEG) was able to power a watch. 
  • Based on the lab trials, the team’s four-cell SEG was twice as efficient when compared with commercial silicon solar cells, under the effect of shifting shadows. 
  • The SEG performs 200% better than that of commercial silicon solar cells under the effects of shadows, the team said. 
  • The costs of components used to make the SEG are around $30 to $50, compared with the hundreds of dollars used to make commercial solar panels per square meter.  

So here’s the deal…can you imagine if we can get this to work efficiently, and at a low enough cost to work into clothing? There are plenty of applications where these wouldn’t work well. For those, traditional solar cells are fantastic. However, for the many, many places that are constantly in and out of the shadows, this will be a game-changer. Clothes, tents, portable charging stations, just to name a few. 


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