Recharge in less time then it takes to read this article.

Recharge in less time then it takes to read this article.

The short version:

  •  Echion Technologies claims they have a battery breakthrough that can charge an electric car in six minutes.
  •  The company was founded by Dr. Jean De La Verpilliere while he was studying for his PhD in nanoscience at the University of Cambridge.
  •  They are hoping to bring the new tech to market as soon as next year.
  •  The breakthrough is in a powder that replaces graphite inside Li-ion battery cells. 
  •  The tech would be good not just for electric vehicles, but anything that uses Li-ion batteries.
  •  Echion says they have a prototype that has been validated, and that they have secured investments from two different firms.

We are so hungry for advancements in batteries that often companies send out a press release about a half-baked product. It has required most consumers to develop an “I’ll believe it when I see it.” attitude. I hope Echion is on to something, but I’m not holding my breath. 

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