Nothing roars like a Harley-Davidson e-bike.

The short version:

  • Harley-Davidson is planning to come out with three different e-bikes.
  • It looks like they will be peddle assisted.
  • Based on pictures, these bikes might be belt-driven.
  • All indicators point to these bikes actually seeing production.

Some might be asking, “What is going on with HD these days?” First an electric motorcycle, then an e-bike. What’s next? It seems like HD isn’t sure about their future, and they’re trying to open other markets. A quick look at their stock chart shows the past 60 months have not been kind. The electric motorcycle I understand. It’s the next evolution of their product. The e-bike I’m not so sure. That being said, you can’t blame a company for trying new things. Who knows, perhaps this division will turn things around for them.


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