LG shows off their new solar panel with an integrated micro-inverter.

LG shows off its new solar panel with an integrated micro-inverter.

The short version:

  • LG is releasing a new, fully integrated AC solar panel with a micro-inverter. 
  • This will make for a simpler installation process. 
  • LG will also offer smart monitoring and remote servicing. 
  • Each panel comes with a 25-year limited warranty. 
  • LG plans to make this available to homeowners later this year. 

Advancements in home installed solar are slower than the pace we have come to enjoy in the more exciting markets this site covers. However, We need more than dropping costs. We need more efficiency and different ways to install. We need ways for condo owners to have solar on their windows and balconies. Having an integrated micro-inverter is a great step, but we need more.


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