Jackson Hole gets a little more electrifying.

Jackson Hole gets a little more electrifying.

The short version:

  • Teton County has approved a contract to acquire 8 battery-powered city buses by early next year. 
  • The county will also purchase 9 chargers. Altogether, the contract is for $5.6 million. 
  • Proterra, the company providing the buses, has already placed similar buses in Breckenridge, Colorado, Park City, Utah, and a number of other cities. 
  • Their heavy batteries are set low on the bus, lowering the center of gravity, which aids in stability on snowy roads. 
  • The buses have a range of around 200 miles, which will last an entire day of going back and forth to Teton Village. 

Cities like Jackson Hole, where the revenue is a little higher and people are very interested in preserving the environment, make for the perfect place for electric buses. I don’t know how large the Teton County fleet is, but my guess is that 8 new buses make up a respectable percentage. I do have a small concern that this won’t push electric public transportation into the mainstream as much as a different city would. Often times when somebody is on vacation they compartmentalize everything they experience as new, different, and not part of normal life. Riding an electric bus while vacationing at Jackson Hole might not translate into riding an electric bus while going to work every day. Either way, I’m thrilled that JH has made this decision. 


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