If only they would have had a solar freakin' roadway!

An interesting thing happened as we tried to get to Boise this week. When our alarm went off at 3:45 am, we quickly found out that the hotel was without power and we had to get dressed and ready in the dark. Unexpected snow had fallen and much of the city was without power. When we got to the airport, people were hand shoveling the tarmac and they had to deice the plane. We waited and waited and finally an announcement came on that they didn’t have enough energy to complete the deicing procedure, so we would be deplaned. That took forever, but we finally walked back over icy tarmac and back inside the airport to be told that they had no idea when (or if) our plane would be able to take off. Of course we had to alert our Boise hosts that we would miss at least one meeting. This news spun out and affected many people in Boise as plans were rearranged for meetings and picking us up in Boise when we finally arrived. We all discussed the irony and the ways that SR could prevent such problems in an SR ?: ?The hotel could have have had clean renewable energy collected and stored from solar parking lots and walkways to help guests have light to get dressed during a power outage. ?The airport could have had a snow/ice free tarmac if SR panels were present. Workers would have been freed from the task of hand shoveling an airport. ?That same clean energy could have helped provide enough power to continue deicing the plane. ?Perhaps our plane would have arrived on time in Boise. Want to help us create a greener, safer and more convenient ? world? . . .

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The short version: 

  • Scott and Julie Brusaw were trying to fly to Boise ID when their hotel lost power. 
  • When they got to the airport, employees were hand-shoveling the tarmac. 
  • The airport didn’t have enough energy to deice the plane. 
  • They had to reschedule their meetings for the day due to the unexpected snow. 

Oh the irony! Solar can’t solve everything, and Solar Roadways can’t solve everything either. But in this case, it seems they could have provided a great solution. Airports have so much tarmac just sitting, unused most of the time. Imagine if all of that were turned into energy creating square footage. Combine that with some battery storage (which continues to become more and more affordable) and this situation would have gone much differently. Keep developing SR, we need your solution.


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