Harley-Davidson releases new electric…balance bikes?

Harley-Davidson releases new electric…balance bikes?

The short version:

  • As part of their “More Roads to Harley-Davidson”, the company has acquired StaCyc, a company that manufactures balance bikes.
  • The two models are for kids 3 to 7 years old, and will range from $649 to $699.
  • Not every HD store will sell the bikes, but that number is increasing.

When I first read the headline I thought it was a joke. Balance bikes, as in the bikes without peddles that your kid rides for a year or two while they learn to balance? And electric ones at that? I’m going to go on the record here and say this isn’t going to be an industry changer. Instead, this is going to be something wealthy grandparents who are diehard Harley fans buy their grandkids. You have to hand it to Harley-Davidson for trying to grab a new market.


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