Greenspot is working with Massachusetts to get more people in EVs.

Greenspot is working with Massachusetts to get more people in EVs. 

The short version: 

  • Greenspot is launching electric vehicle car-sharing services and installing public charging stations in Newton and Brookline, Mass. 
  • Their goal is to help normalize emissions-free transportation options. 
  • Greenspot hopes to create “e-mobility hubs” — locations that combine charging stations for public use, electric vehicle car-sharing, and, in some cases, electric scooter and bike rental. 
  • The car-sharing aspect brings a few interesting hurdles to overcome, such as longer charge times means less time that vehicle can be rented. 
  • Greenspot feels they have overcome this, and hope to expand this to other cities. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I lived in a larger city, I wouldn’t own a second car. There is just no need. My car sits in a parking lot, or my driveway for 95% of its life. I would love to take advantage of car sharing. You make that electric and combine it with last-mile options and it becomes a game-changer. Way to go Greenspot.


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