Electric Bicycles might blow your mind in a hundred different ways.

Electric Bicycles might blow your mind in a hundred different ways.

The short version:

  • sites 5 ways an e-bike will change your life. 
  • First off, saving money. 
  • Next, they describe how your commute will be revolutionized. 
  • Weekend warrior-ing can be taken to the next level. 
  • They are great exercise for those who wouldn’t exercise any other way. 
  • The always present, “Save the Planet” argument.

So here’s the deal…this was a good article that again made me think about the blurring line between bicycles and motorcycles. I have to admit often times I have to fight the old man inside my head, “If you whippersnappers don’t want to peddle, they buy a motorcycle! And keep off my grass!!” 

The truth is, it’s great that there is a gradient of choices in the two-wheeled world. If somebody wants 100% exercise, buy a traditional bike. If somebody else is primarily focused on getting from A to B as fast as they can, but doesn’t want the weight and mechanics of a motorcycle, buy a Class C electric bicycle. If, like many of us, somebody wants something in between. pick from one of the hundreds of options out there and love your purchase.


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