Dualtron brings down the Thunder at 50 mph.

Dualtron brings down the Thunder at 50 mph. 

The short version: 

  • Micah Toll of Electrek reviewed the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter. 
  • The scooter has dual 2,700 W peak motors. 
  • The deck is 12 inches wide with 11 inch, tubeless tires. 
  • Top speed: 50 mph. Range: 75 miles. 
  • Weight: 95 lbs. (Wow)
  • Cost: $3,899. 

If your “last mile” is actually your last 5 miles, and you don’t want to get beat up by road vibration, this scooter may be for you. However, at just shy of 100 pounds and just under $4,000 this isn’t something that you casually carry on the subway with you. Also, 50 miles per hour is crazy fast when you are on a scooter. At those speeds, you have no business being on a sidewalk. Can you imagine the accidents that are going to take place on this thing? I’m sure the build quality is top-shelf, but that isn’t going to stop other people from accidentally stepping in front of it. 

I also want to put a plug in for the full article. Micah gives a great review that is just fun to read. Well worth the time.


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