Cellphone companies want to help Papua New Guinea electrify.

Cellphone companies want to help Papua New Guinea electrify.

The short version:

  • Papua New Guinea has emerged as a leader in off-grid solar installations. 

  • The country is turning to small-scale solar installations as a way to provide electricity for communities across the country.

  •  A new report by the IFC showing that installations have grown 68% per annum since 2012.

  • Because so many residents have mobile phones, and those companies stand to make more money when their customer’s phones are charged, these companies are helping push the idea of solar charging.
  • Additionally, the electrification of Papua New Guinea is expected to provide more jobs, better health care, and stronger education experiences. 

This is one of the things that I love about solar energy. True, a person still needs to purchase a solar panel, but once that initial investment has been made, that person has an extremely low maintenance, portable power supply that is different than anything else available. People don’t carry around micro oil refineries and generators in their backpack. They don’t carry around tiny hydro-electric dams to put in a stream of water. Solar is so accessible to so many people.


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