BRP shows off some new electric toys in Vegas

BRP shows off some new electric toys in Vegas

The short version:

  • BRP (or Bombardier) showed off concept go-karts, watercraft, side-by-sides, and motorcycles at a Las Vegas event.
  • BRP makes Sea-Doo, Rotax, and Can-Am.
  • Although all the of vehicles on display will most likely never see a showroom floor, BRP is planning on bringing some sort of electric lineup to market.

I’ve really slowed down my “XYZ company releases amazing concept vehicle!” stories because so few of them ever come to pass. I felt this one was worth the time because BRP is a pretty big manufactur of outdoor toys. If they start publicizing their experiments then that puts the fire under Yamaha, Honda, Polaris, and all the others. Electric vehicles would be fantastic in the outdoors where speeds are often slower, low-end torque is key, and quiet transportation is highly valued. Glad to see this BRP. Keep the updated coming. 


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