A new algorithm makes solar panels more efficient.

A new algorithm makes solar panels more efficient.

The short version:

  • Researchers from the University of Waterloo may have developed a way to make solar panels more efficient.
  • “We’ve developed an algorithm to further boost the power extracted from an existing solar panel,” said Milad Farsi, a Ph.D. candidate in Waterloo’s Department of Applied Mathematics.
  • A basic 12-panel installation could see a savings of 138.9 kWh per year. 
  • A typical American household used 900 kWh per month.
  • Although the savings seem small for one household, they can really add up for commercial solar farms.

Small improvements are often boring to read about, but they really add up. Somebody saves 3% here and 5% there and pretty soon we have a system that is 200% more efficient than when we started. 


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