Wallbox is trying to put a Quasar right in your home.

Wallbox is trying to put a Quasar right in your home.

The short version:

  • Wallbox has released the first home bidirectional charger for home use called Quasar. 
  • The charger allows bidirectional charging between a home, the grid and an EV. 
  • The system charges and discharges through a CHAdeMO vehicle connector. This allows homeowners to take advantage of the new vehicle to grid electricity tariffs. 

This is huge. If the Wallbox Quasar can really deliver as promised then it could change how we think of energy storage. Imagine if your EV could also serve as an emergency battery backup for your home during a power outage. I feel like there are two sides here. On the one hand, most of us suffer a power outage maybe once a year, for a couple of hours at most. Paying $6,000 to $10,000 for a Tesla Powerwall for a few hours a year might not make sense for a lot of us. However, in the event of a long term loss of power, you would want to use electricity in your home without sucking range out of your vehicle. It’s a tough call but I know what I would do.

What are your thoughts? Would you turn your EV into your battery backup?


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